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2018 Publications


Scaling dimensions of Coulomb branch operators of 4d N=2 superconformal field theories
Philip C. Argyres, Mario Martone

A Volume Average Regularization for the Wheeler-DeWitt
Justin C. Feng

Tinkertoys for the E8 Theory
Oscar Chacaltana, Jacques Distler, Anderson Trimm, Yinan Zhu

Product SCFTs for the E7 Theory
Jacques Distler, Behzat Ergun

Chaos and Spreading of Entanglement in a Non-Commutative Gauge Theory
Willy Fischler, Viktor Jahnke, Juan Pedraza

Complexity-action of singular subregions
Elena Caceres, Ming Lie Xiao

Enhancing the discovery prospects for SUSY-like decays with a novel kinematic variable
Dipsikha Debnath, James Gainer, Can Kilic, Doojin Kim, Konstantin Matchev,Yuan-Pao Yang

Inflation in multi-field modified DBM potentials
Sonia Paban, Robert Rosati

Rotating traversable wormholes in AdS
Elena Cecares, Anderson Misobuchi, Minglei Xiao

Double-soft graviton amplitudes and the extended BMS charge algebra
Jacques Distler, Raphael Flauger, Bart Horn

Cosmological Implication of the Bekenstein Bound
Tom Banks, Willy Fischler

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