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Theory Group
2005 Publications


Quantum Contributions to Cosmological Correlations
Steven Weinberg

Undoing Orbifold Quivers
Aaron Bergman

Evolution of Gravitationally Unstable de Sitter Compactifications
C. Krishnan, S. Paban, M. Zanic

Drinfeld-Twisted Supersymmetry and Non-Anticommutative Superspace
Matthias Ihl, Christian Saemann

Glueballs of Super Yang-Mills from Wrapped Branes
Elena Caceres, Carlos Nunez

Topological Heterotic Rings
Allan Adams, Jacques Distler, Morten Ernebjerg

Random Polynomials and the Friendly Landscape
Jacques Distler, Uday Varadarajan

Infrared Divergences in dS/CFT
T. Banks, L. Mannelli, W. Fischler

Moduli Spaces for D-branes at the Tip of a Cone
Aaron Bergman, Nicholas J. Proudfoot

Unitary Matrix Model of a Chiral [SU(N)]^K Gauge Theory
Edoardo Di Napoli, Vadim S. Kaplunovsky

Solving Stochastic Inflation for Arbitrary Potentials
Jerome Martin, Marcello Musso

On the Reliability of the Langevin Pertubative Solution in Stochastic Inflation
Jerome Martin, Marcello Musso

Moduli spaces for Bondal quivers
Aaron Bergman, Nicholas J. Proudfoot

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