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Theory Group
2003 Publications


Gravitational Radiation from Travelling Waves on D-Strings
Julie D. Blum

Damping of Tensor Modes in Cosmology
Steven Weinberg

The Entropy of the Microwave Background and the Acceleration of the Universe
W. Fischler, A. Loewy, S. Paban

An upper bound on the number of e-foldings
T. Banks, W. Fischler

Holographic Cosmology 3.0
T. Banks, W. Fischler

Finding the Mirror of the Beauville Manifold
Hyukjae Park

1+1 Dimensional Critical String Theory and Holography
Aaron Bergman, Jacques Distler, Uday Varadarajan

Can Non-Adiabatic Perturbations Arise After Single-Field Inflation?
Steven Weinberg

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