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Theory Group
2017 Publications


von Neumann's Formula, Measurements and the Lindblad Equation
Jacques Distler, Sonia Paban

Tinkertoys for the E7 Theory
Oscar Chacaltana, Jacques Distler, Anderson Trimm, and Yinan Zhu

The Weiss Variation of the Gravitational Action
Justin C. Feng, Richard A. Matzner

Line defect Schur indices, Verlinde algebras and $U(1)_r$ fixed points
Andrew Neitzke, Fei Yan

On holographic entanglement entropy of Horndeski black holes
Elena Caceres, Ravi Mohan, Phuc H. Nguyen

From Path Integrals to the Wheller-DeWhitt Equation: On Time Evolution in Spactimes With Spatial Boundary
Justin C. Feng, Richard A. Matzner

Holographic complexity and non-commutative gauge theory
Josiah Couch, Stefan Eccles, Willy Fischler, Ming-Lei Xiao

Testing the Scalar Setor of the Twin Higgs Model at Colliders
Zackaria Chacko, Can Kilic, Saereh Nari, Christopher Verhaaren

Product Theories in Class-S
Jacques Distler, Behzat Ergun, Fei Yan

General Surface Tension Bounds for Vacuum Decay
Ali Masoumi, Sonia Paban, Eric Weinberg

Pre-ADS Superpotential from Confined Monopoles
Csaba Csaki, Mario Martone, Yuri Shirman, John Terning

Holographic Complexity and Volume
Josiah Couch, Stefan Eccles, Ted Jacobson, Phuc Nguyen

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