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Theory Group
2006 Publications


Can Quantum de Sitter Space Have Finite Entropy?
Chethan Krishnan, Edoardo Di Napoli

An Invitation to String Theory
Chethan Krishnan

Quantum Contributions to Cosmological Correlations II: Can These Corrections Become Large?
Steven Weinberg

Towards a Realistic Type IIA T^6/Z_4 Orientifold Model with Background Fluxes, Part 1: Moduli Stabilization
Matthias Ihl, Timm Wrase

Falsifying Models of New Physics Via WW Scattering
Jacques Distler, Benjamin Grinstein, Rafael A. Porto, Ira Z. Rothstein

Drag Force in a Charged N=4 SYM Plasma
Elena Caceres, Alberto Guijosa

On Drag Forces and Jet Quenching in Strongly Coupled Plasmas
Elena Caceres, Alberto Guijosa

A No-Truncation Approach to Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies
Steven Weinberg

Space-like Singularities and Thermalization
T. Banks, W. Fischler

Screening length in plasma winds
Elena Caceres, Makoto Natsuume, Takashi Okamura

Deformations and D-branes
Aaron Bergman

Quantum Deconstruction of 5D SQCD
Edoardo Di Napoli, Vadim S. Kaplunovsky

Probing inflation with CMB polarization : weak lensing effect on the covariance of CMB spectra
Jonathan Rocher, Karim Benabed, Francois Bouchet

Meta-Stable Supersymmetry Breaking in a Cooling Universe
Willy Fischler, Vadim Kaplunovsky, Chethan Krishnan, Lorenzo Mannelli, Marcus Torres

A new diagrammatic representation for correlation functions in the in-in formalism
Marcello Musso

Quantum Cosmological Correlations in an Inflating Universe: Can fermion and gauge fields loops give a scale free spectrum?
Kanokkuan Chaicherdsakul

Heterotic compactifications with principal bundles for general groups and general levels
J. Distler, E. Sharpe

D-term inflation in non-minimal supergravity
Jonathan Rocher, Mairi Sakellariadou

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