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2002 Publications


Non-commutativity and Supersymmetry
Sonia Paban, Savdeep Sethi, Mark Stern

Basic Principles of 4D Dilatonic Gravity and Some of Their Consequences for Cosmology, Astrophysics and Cosmological Constant Problem
Plamen P. Fiziev

Triple Intersections and Geometric Transitions
Julie D. Blum

Entropy of the Stiffest Stars
T.Banks, W.Fischler, A.Kashani-Poor, R.McNees, S.Paban

A Note on E-strings
Amer Iqbal

Cosmological Fluctuations of Short Wavelength
Steven Weinberg

D-Brane Monodromies, Derived Categories and Boundary Linear Sigma Models
Jacques Distler, Hans Jockers, Hyukjae Park

All Genus Topological String Amplitudes and 5-brane Webs as Feynman Diagrams
Amer Iqbal

UV-IR mixing and the quantum consistency of noncommutative gauge theories
Eric Nicholson

Noncommutative Field Theory as a Toy Model of Gravity
Li Jiang

Recurrent Nightmares?: Measurement Theory in de Sitter Space
T. Banks, W. Fischler, S. Paban

Adiabatic Modes in Cosmology
Steven Weinberg

Black Crunch
T. Banks, W. Fischler

Quantum Deconstruction of a 5D SYM and its Moduli Space
Amer Iqbal, Vadim S. Kaplunovsky

Large Spin Strings in AdS_3
Amit Loewy, Yaron Oz

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