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Theory Group
2007 Publications


Tensor Microwave Background Fluctuations for Large Multipole Order
Raphael Flauger, Steven Weinberg

Toroidal Orientifolds in IIA with General NS-NS Fluxes
Matthias Ihl, Daniel Robbins, Timm Wrase

Wormholes in Maximal Supergravity
Aaron Bergman, Jacques Distler

Localized Backreacted Flavor Branes in Holographic QCD
Benjamin A. Burrington, Vadim S. Kaplunovsky, Jacob Sonnenschein

Leptogenesis from Pseudo-Scalar Driven Inflation
W. Fischler, S. Paban

Non-birational twisted derived equivalences in abelian GLSMs
A. Caldararu, J. Distler, S. Hellerman, T. Pantev, E. Sharpe

D-Terms from Generalized NS-NS Fluxes in Type II
Daniel Robbins, Timm Wrase

New Supergravity Backgrounds Dual to N=1 SQCD-like Theories with N_f=2N_c
Elena Caceres, Raphael Flauger, Matthias Ihl, Timm Wrase

Vacuum Bubble in an Inhomogeneous Cosmology
Willy Fischler, Chethan Krishnan, Sonia Paban, Marija Zanic

Ramond-Ramond Fields, Cohomology and Non-Geometric Fluxes
Aaron Bergman, Daniel Robbins

Metastable Supersymmetry Breaking in a Cooling Universe
Vadim S. Kaplunovsky

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