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Theory Group
2013 Publications


Three Dimensional Mirror Symmetry and Partition Function on S3
Anindya Dey, Jacques Distler

Holographic Theory of Accelerated Observers, the S-matrix, and the Emergence of Effective Field Theory
Tom Banks, Willy Fischler

New Physics and Single Top Production
Jiang-Hao Yu

Studying the Peculiar Velocity Bulk Flow in a Sparse Survey of Type-Ia SNe
Ben Rathaus, Ely D. Kovetz, Nissan Itzhaki

Non-Gaussianity from Excited Initial Inflationary States
Aditya Aravind, Dustin Lorshbough, Sonia Paban

Tetraquark Mesons in Large N Quantum Chromodynamics
Steven Weinberg

Dimension Changing Phase Transitions in Instanton Crystals
Vadim Kaplunovsky, Jacob Sonnenschein

Strong Subadditivity, Null Energy Condition and Charged Black Holes
Elena Caceres, Arnab Kundu, Juan F. Pedraza, Walter Tangarife

Goldstone Bosons as Fractional Cosmic Neutrinos
Steven Weinberg

No Firewalls in Holographic Space-Time or Matrix Theory
T. Banks, W. Fischler

Anisotropic Models for Globular Clusters, Galactic Bulges and Dark Halos
P. H. Nguyen, J. F. Pedraza

Hilbert Series for Moduli Spaces of Instantons on C2/Zn
Anindya Dey, Amihay Hanany, Noppadol Mekareeya, Diego Rodriguez-Gomez, Rak-Kyeong Seong

Holographic Fluctuations from Unitary de Sitter Invariant Field Theory
Tom Banks, Willy Fischler, T.J. Torres, Carroll L. Wainwright

Holographic Entanglement in a Noncommutative Gauge Theory
Willy Fischler, Arnab Kundu, Sandipan Kundu

Dynamics of Non-supersymmetric Flavours
M. Sohaib Alam, Matthias Ihl, Arnab Kundu, Sandipan Kundu

A Singlet Extension of the MSSM with a Dark Matter Portal
Alejandro de La Puente, Walter Tangarife

Aspects of Current Correlators in Holographic Theories with Hyperscaling Violation
Mohammad Edalati, Juan F. Pedraza

Wild Wall Crossing and BPS Giants
Dmitry Galakhov, Pietro Longhi, Tom Mainiero, Gregory W. Moore, Andrew Neitzke

Steady-state Physics, Effective Temperature Dynamics in Holography
Arnab Kundu, Sandipan Kundu

Cosmic Bandits: Exploration versus Exploitation in CMB B-Mode Experiments
Ely D. Kovetz, Marc Kamionkowski

Quantum Mechanics Without State Vectors
Steven Weinberg

Holographic EPR Pairs, Wormholes and Radiation
Mariano Chernicoff, Alberto Guijosa, Juan F. Pedraza

Improved mass measurement using the boundary of many-body phase space
Prateek Agrawal, Can Kilic, Craig White, Jiang-Hao Yu

Tinkertoys for the Twisted D-Series
Oscar Chacaltana, Jacques Distler, Anderson Trimm

Hyperkahler Sigma Model and Field Theory on Gibbons-Hawking Spaces
Anindya Dey, Andrew Neitzke

Vector-like Fields, Messenger Mixing and the Higgs mass in Gauge Mediation
Willy Fischler, Walter Tangarife

The Euler anomaly and scale factors in Liouville/Toda CFTs
Aswin Balasubramanian

Holographic Space-time and Black Holes: Mirages As Alternate Reality
Tom Banks, Willy Fischler, Sandipan Kundu, Juan F. Pedraza

Holographic Space-time and Newton's Law
Tom Banks, Willy Fischler

Decelerating cosmologies are de-scramblers
Dan Carney, Willy Fischler

Non-Gaussianity Consistency Relations, Initial States and Back-reaction
Sandipan Kundu

Entanglement and out-of-equilibrium dynamics in holographic models of de Sitter QFTs
Willy Fischler, Sandipan Kundu, Juan F. Pedraza

Power Spectrum and Non-Gaussianities in Anisotropic Inflation
Anindya Dey, Ely D. Kovetz, Sonia Paban

Mirror Symmetry in Three Dimensions via Gauged Linear Quivers
Anindya Dey, Amihay Hanany, Peter Koroteev, Noppadol Mekareeya

Describing codimension two defects
Aswin Balasubramanian

New Type IIB Backgrounds and Aspects of Their Field Theory Duals
Elena Caceres, Niall T. Macpherson, Carlos Nunez

Holographic zero sound at finite temperature in the Sakai-Sugimoto model
Brandon S. DiNunno, Matthias Ihl, Niko Jokela, Juan F. Pedraza

Lower Bound for the Multi-Field Bounce Action
Aditya Aravind, Dustin Lorshbough, Sonia Paban

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