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Theory Group
2008 Publications


Effective Field Theory for Inflation
Steven Weinberg

Perturbation Growth in Anisotropic Cosmologies
E. Dimastrogiovanni, W. Fischler, S.Paban

M2-branes on M-folds
Jacques Distler, Sunil Mukhi, Constantinos Papageorgakis, Mark Van Raamsdonk

A Tree Theorem for Inflation
Steven Weinberg

Neutrino Masses, Leptogenesis, and Unification in the Absence of Low Energy Supersymmetry
Willy Fischler, Raphael Flauger

Non-Gaussian Correlations Outside the Horizon
Steven Weinberg

General F-Term Gauge Mediation
Jacques Distler, Daniel Robbins

Non-Gaussian Correlations Outside the Horizon II: The General Case
Steven Weinberg

On Slow-roll Moduli Inflation in Massive IIA Supergravity with Metric Fluxes
Raphael Flauger, Sonia Paban, Daniel Robbins, Timm Wrase

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