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Theory Group
2009 Publications


Living with Infinities
Steven Weinberg

Non-Supersymmetric String Theory
Emil J. Martinec, Daniel Robbins, Savdeep Sethi

Update on the Direct Detection of Dark Matter in MSSM Models with Non-Universal Higgs Masses
John Ellis, Keith A. Olive, Pearl Sandick

Orientifold Precis
Jacques Distler, Daniel S. Freed, Gregory W. Moore

There is no "Theory of Everything" inside E8
Jacques Distler, Skip Garibaldi

Signatures of a Graviton Mass in the Cosmic Microwave Background
Sergei Dubovsky, Raphael Flauger, Alexei Starobinsky, Igor Tkachev

Kundt spacetimes of massive gravity in three dimensions
Mohamed Chakhad

Oscillations in the CMB from Axion Monodromy Inflation
Raphael Flauger, Liam McAllister, Enrico Pajer, Alexander Westphal, Gang Xu

Effective Field Theory, Past and Future
Steven Weinberg

Hagedorn Systems from Backreacted Finite Temperature N_f=2N_c Backgrounds
Elena Caceres, Raphael Flauger, Timm Wrase

Asymptotically Safe Inflation
Steven Weinberg

The Sensitivity of the IceCube Neutrino Detector to Dark Matter Annihilating in Dwarf Galaxies
Pearl Sandick, Douglas Spolyar, Matthew Buckley, Katherine Freese, Dan Hooper

Neutralino Dark Matter in MSSM Models with Non-Universal Higgs Masses
Pearl Sandick

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