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Theory Group
2011 Publications


Heating up the Baryonic Branch with U-duality: a unified picture of conifold black holes
Elena Caceres, Carlos Nunez, Leopoldo A. Pando-Zayas

Ultraviolet Divergences in Cosmological Correlations
Steven Weinberg

Constraints on a Non-thermal History from Galactic Dark Matter Spikes
Pearl Sandick, Scott Watson

Early-Time Energy Loss in a Strongly-Coupled SYM Plasma
Alberto Guijosa, Juan F. Pedraza

Detection Prospects for Majorana Fermion WIMPless Dark Matter
Keita Fukushima, Jason Kumar, Pearl Sandick

Hierarchies of Susy Splittings in Holographic Gauge Mediation
W. Fischler, W. Tangarife Garcia

Adiabaticity and the Fate of Non-Gaussianities: The Trispectrum and Beyond
Joel Meyers, Navin Sivanandam

Kinetic Theory of Collisionless Self-Gravitating Gases: Post-Newtonian Polytropes
C. A. Agon, J. F. Pedraza, J. Ramos-Caro

Minimal Holographic Superconductors from Maximal Supergravity
Nikolay Bobev, Arnab Kundu, Krzysztof Pilch, Nicholas P. Warner

Gamma-Ray Constraints on the First Stars from Annihilation of Light WIMPs
Pearl Sandick, Juerg Diemand, Katherine Freese, Douglas Spolyar

The Gluonic Field of a Heavy Quark in Conformal Field Theories at Strong Coupling
Mariano Chernicoff, Alberto Guijosa, Juan F. Pedraza

Non-Gaussianities in the Cosmological Perturbation Spectrum due to Primordial Anisotropy
Anindya Dey, Sonia Paban

The Inflationary Wavefunction and its Initial Conditions
Daniel Carney, Willy Fischler, Sonia Paban and Navin Sivanandam

Tinkertoys for the D_N series
Oscar Chacaltana, Jacques Distler

Probing EWSB Naturalness in Unified SUSY Models with Dark Matter
Stephen Amsel, Katherine Freese, Pearl Sandick

On Three-Dimensional Mirror Symmetry
Anindya Dey

Collapse of the State Vector
Steven Weinberg

Flavored Dark Matter, and Its Implications for Direct Detection and Colliders
Prateek Agrawal, Steve Blanchet, Zackaria Chacko, Can Kilic

Backgrounds To Higgs Boson Searches from Asymmetric Internal Conversion
Richard C. Gray, Can Kilic, Michael Park, Sunil Somalwar, Scott Thomas

Lower Limits on the Strengths of Gamma Ray Lines from WIMP Dark Matter Annihilation
Kevork N. Abazajian, Prateek Agrawal, Zackaria Chacko, Can Kilic

Holographic Lessons for Quark Dynamics
Mariano Chernicoff, J. Antonio Garcia, Alberto Guijosa, Juan F. Pedraza

Inflation with General Initial Conditions for Scalar Perturbations
Sandipan Kundu

Pomeranchuk Instability in a non-Fermi Liquid from Holography
Mohammad Edalati, Ka Wai Lo, Philip W. Phillips

Multi-Lepton Signals of the Higgs Boson
Emmanuel Contreras-Campana, Nathaniel Craig, Richard Gray, Can Kilic, Michael Park, Sunil Somalwar, Scott Thomas

Holographic Theories of Inflation and Fluctuations
Tom Banks, Willy Fischler

The Non-SUSY Baryonic Branch: Soft Supersymmetry Breaking of N=1 Gauge Theories
Stephen Bennett, Elena Caceres, Carlos Nunez, Daniel Schofield, Steve Young

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