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Theory Group
Faculty Directory

Elena Caceres
Adjunct Professor
RLM 9.314
String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics

Jacques Distler
RLM 9.218A
Mathematical Physics, and String Theory

Willy Fischler
RLM 9.310A
Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, and Particle Physics

Raphael Flauger
Assistant Professor
RLM 9.301

Cosmology, Field Theory, and String Theory

Vadim Kaplunovsky
RLM 9.314A
Field Theory, Supersymmetry, and String Theory

Can Kilic
Assistant Professor
RLM 9.220A
Theoretical Particle Physics: Extensions of the Standard Model, Collider Phenomenology, Dark Matter Models and Searches

Richard Matzner
RLM 9.224A
General Relativity and Cosmology, Kinetic Theory, Black Hole Physics and Gravitational Radiation

Sonia Paban
Associate Professor
RLM 9.208A
Cosmology, and High Energy Physics

Steven Weinberg
RLM 9.306A
Particle Physics, Unification of Fundamental Interactions, and Cosmology
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