23rd Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity

University of Texas at Austin 06/22 - 06/26

About the Capra Meeting

This meeting will be held virtually using Zoom. All registered participants will receive links to the meeting rooms in advance of the talks through the email they used for registration. If you have registered but have not received any email announcements from Aaron Zimmerman about the conference, please contact aaron.zimmerman at utexas dot edu or register again using another email address.

The Capra meeting is an annual workshop focused on the topic of radiation reaction in general relativity. These workshops bring together experts from across a range of disciplines within relativity, with a focus on modeling extreme mass ratio inspirals (EMRIs). The canonical example of an EMRI is the inspiral of a stellar-mass compact object into a supermassive black hole, and gravitational waves from these systems are a promising target for the LISA satellite mission. The study of radiation reaction and the "self-force" approximation is not limited to EMRIs, and a range of topics and applications to other areas of gravitational physics have been discussed at past Capra meetings.

The 23rd Capra meeting will be hosted by the University of Texas at Austin. However, because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, this meeting will be held completely virtually. The meeting will be held June 22-26. The format is yet to be finalized, but the meeting will run over a portion of each day, with times aimed at maximizing participation from multiple time zones.

The program will feature a mixture of a few invited talks, shorter contributed talks, and interactive discussion sessions. Contributed talks on all aspects of the radiation reaction problem and the relativistic two-body problem generally are welcome. Unfortunately, we expect a shorter meeting each day as compared to past Capra meetings, and it may not be possible to accommodate all contributed talks. As usual, there will be no registration fees or proceedings.

We ask participants to register as soon as possible to help us get a head count. Registration will close June 15. For those who wish to give a contributed talk, please submit a title and abstract by May 25.

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