Sonia Paban

Sonia Paban

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University of Texas at Austin 
Theory Group
2515 Speedway, Stop C1608
Austin, TX 78712-1197, USA

Office: RLM 9.208A

(512) 471-7773
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Over the years I have worked on a number of different problems in theoretical high energy physics and cosmology.
Cosmology :
Non-gaussianity from excited initial states; Experimental signatures of anisotropic inflation; Searching for slow-roll moduli inflation in massive type IIA supergravity with metric fluxes.
de Sitter :
Challenges of embedding de Sitter in string theory; Measurement theory in de Sitter space; Evolution of gravitationally unstable de Sitter compactifications.
QFT/String Theory :
Collective coordinates in string theory; Constraints from extended supersymmetry in the effective action of Yang-Mills theories; Non-commutative quantum field theory at finite temperature; Tunneling in theories with many fields.
Phenomenology :
Bounds on microscopic physics from P and T violation in atoms and molecules; Constraints on the baryogenesis scale from neutrino masses.