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Theory Group
Theory Group Special Seminar, 11 October 2018

Victor Rodriguez, Harvard

Long String Scattering in \(c=1\) String Theory


We study the scattering of long strings in \(c=1\) string theory, both in the worldsheet description and in the non-singlet sector of the dual matrix quantum mechanics. In particular, we compute the tree-level scattering amplitude of (1) a long string decaying by emitting a closed string, and (2) \(2\rightarrow2\) scattering of long strings. From the worldsheet perspective, long string amplitudes are obtained from a decoupling limit of open string amplitudes on FZZT branes. Following Maldacena’s proposal, we compare them to computations in the adjoint and bi-adjoint sectors of the dual matrix model and find striking agreement, thereby providing strong evidence for the duality.

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