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Theory Group
Theory Group Seminar, 17 October 2017

Sumit Das, University of Kentucky

A three dimensional structure in the SYK model


We argue that the space of bi-locals in the \(q=4\) SYK model leads to a three dimensional dual theory of a scalar on \(\text{AdS}_2 \times S^1/\mathbb{Z}_2 \). At strong coupling the KK spectrum reproduces the SYK spectrum exactly, and a non-standard propagator of the 3D theory reproduces the two point function of the bilocal fields. Furthermore, this three dimensional picture reproduces the leading finite coupling correction to the "zero mode" contribution. For general \(q\) we show that the spectrum and propagator are reproduced in an underlying space-time is conformal to \( \text{AdS}_2 \times S^1/\mathbb{Z}_2 \) with a non-trivial potential.

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